Submission Guidelines

So... you are now the author of an almost completed document, Congratulations!

Now, here's the world’s easiest five-step program!

Call me, let’s discuss your expectations, and make sure we truly are a “good fit.”
(303) 249-7420

Google Drive gives us the ability to work on the submission in real time but it can later be a problem getting it “publish” ready. You might want to also consider Dropbox as another option. Another archaic but reliable method might be e-mail, depending on size limit. Don’t worry, we will find a method that can work for both of us.

Be sure and let me know if you have a deadline and I’ll try to accomodate your needs.

Money transfer, when completed, can be made through PayPal. If the project is greater than 5000 words, I will require 25% up front.

I will give you a call within 48 hours after receipt (a good probability it will be much quicker) and give you a rough idea of the timeline. By then we should know if I am “the one” for you!

The Fine Print

I want to make this a joyful experience, one where we both walk away with a grin and a new friendship. This is very personal for me also, whether it is a book, a short story, technical writing, a blog, or just a pamphlet where you need another set of eyes, no matter what the medium, it is a part of you and I am humbled that you are giving it to my care for a short time.

I reserve the right to decline services for any of the following reasons:

You, or your work, do not respect and adhere to God’s Word, the Bible. Although, I will do testimonies if they, in the end, are glorifying to God.

I will absolutely reject working with any R-rated materials

Looking forward to seeing you in print!